Apple TV 4K vs. Roku Ultra: How to Choose Between These Two Streaming Services?

Roku Ultra vs. Apple TV 4K

When we talk about premium streaming boxes, Roku and Apple are the best options available in the market. Both streaming boxes work on an internet connection. And streams movies and TV shows from popular networks like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Channel. Apple TV 4K and Roku Ultra are expensive due to the additional perks they offer. For instance, wired Ethernet ports, and faster processors. For those who wish to buy a flagship device with all the premium features, the comparison given below is for you. Apple TV 4K includes $180 cost, and Roku Ultra includes $100 cost with compelling features. Let’s see how both streaming boxes stack up against each other such as:

Roku Ultra: Presents Excellent Value

Roku’s high-end ultra does not include much of a change when compared over the past years. And do not think of it as a bad thing. It includes an impressive interface, adds support, and remote finder features for Dolby Vision HDR and Apple AirPlay 2. You can get Roku Ultra at the cost of $100, and it gets available for a lesser price when on sale. 

Apple TV 4K: Expensive and new processor and remote

Apple TV 4K model has opted for the same design as the 2017 model but includes upgrades like a faster processor and a new Siri remote. The TVOS software of Apple still works fine with various app support. But the cost is something that is not going down easily, it remains $180 as before. 

Best Interface: Who Wins?

Roku’s interface is easier and more fun to use. It includes a colorful array of tiles that are aligned in a grid and can be arranged by the user to test. The Roku Ultra’s response is pretty great and quick. It takes less than a second to enter services like Hulu, Disney Plus, Sling TV, and Netflix. But do not underestimate 4K Plus, as it was fast, just the same. However, on Roku, there aren’t any big recommendation tab for videos, movies, or shows. But you will find few ads given on the right side while scrolling through the grid.

Apple TV 4K contains a similar structure with a colorful menu filled with tiles. Here, navigation gets easier due to the directional “click pad” in the new Siri Remote. The A12 Bionic processor inside of the new Siri Remote helps to move things quickly. Apple TV shows recommendations from various services, and not just its content of subscription service. In case you do not want to use it, you certainly would not need to. So, in conclusion, both of their menu systems are summarized as a straightforward and easier service.

Apple TV 4K: Impressive Features 

For starters, Apple wins in the best feature contest. Given the price difference, the features are a lot closer than you would imagine. Both of the streaming boxes offer 4K HDR streaming services from compatible apps. And also supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. Both of the streaming boxes support Apple’s AirPlay 2 for casting content from iPad, Mac, or iPhone to your TV. Also, it supports HomeKit that controls the box with Siri and Apple TV Plus. 

App support is similarly vast between both of them, despite Roku’s dispute with YouTube TV. However, Apple TV combines other Apple services like Arcade, Fitness Plus, and Apple Music, which Roku lacks. It provides a calibration feature to adjust the TV’s picture quality through iPhone. And it certainly is a nice move and offers a clever bonus. 

Apple again won the voice description category, as Siri serves better than Roku’s voice assistant. Siri is quick and responsive when asked to play movies and TV shows and even knows the path for where to find the content. With Siri, you can also ask questions like “when is the Yankee’s next game”? or “what the status of the weather”? However, both streaming boxes get points for constantly updating their device’s software.

Roku: Best Remote

Roku’s controller is a lot more appreciable than Apple’s newer remote model. The company did not change much from the previous model of designing. And it can be said as a good thing. TV power and Volume control are both given rubber buttons to navigate through Netflix, media playback, and other services. It includes a dedicated mic button and microphone as well. 

Apple, on the other side, impressively improved the remote. The newer model looks more elegant than Roku’s model and is easier to use as well. Apple also provided excellent directional buttons for gesture-supported click pad. 

Both Apple and Roku allow you to easily control the boxes via mobile devices. But Apple only offers its features on mobile products. The real question is, where Roku wins? Roku wins in the category of easily finding the lost remote. The Roku Ultra-features a button on the side of the box for finding the lost remote. Press it, and your remote will start making the sound. 

Conclusion: Who wins?

Both are high-end devices and provides all needed streaming services for 2021. Roku offers a lot in $100 costs, whereas Apple offers at $179. Apple’s remote goes further ahead with the highly expensive costs. With Roku, you get everything at a lesser cost without paying the fortune. 



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